Player Scenarios Options

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Player Scenarios Options


Post by SamGordon » Fri Mar 24, 2017 5:42 am

I'd like the ability to go into the Player Scenarios report screen (not via Report Setup) to change when the report is run.

I run the report after the Sweet 16 is determined, then after each night of games. Of course, with my second chance pool, I'll forget to change the number of possibilities for the report. So I go to Report -> Player Scenarios with every intention of clicking the 'Options' button, but I get a pop up saying 'You're said don't run the report until there's 128 possibilities, the report will not run.' And then the window closes. How about moving that popup/check until AFTER you say what you want to do with the report (preview, print, web, etc).

Just a minor frustration.

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