Week 1 Miami/Tampa Bay Update

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Week 1 Miami/Tampa Bay Update


Post by Doug » Wed Sep 06, 2017 8:53 am

The NFL has announced that the game this week between Miami and Tampa Bay will now be played in Week 11. We will be handling this change the same way we handled the game in 2008 that was moved due to Hurricane Ike:

For Week 1 it's too late to remove the game from the template so I am going to record the game as a 0-0 tie because all the games have to be complete before you can move on to week 2. Depending on how you are scoring your pool and handling ties you may decide you want to handle this differently before creating the Week 2 pool. If you are doing Confidence Scoring, it seems to be the fairest way is to set the tie game scoring to be Score Ties As Win so that everyone gets the points for this game but you may want to ask your pool participants what they think is fairest. If you are using Point Spreads you should go into the Point Spreads and make the spread of the Miami/Tampa Bay game be 0 so the game truly ends up being a tie.

I will then update the Week 11 template to include the Mia vs. TB game so that will be included in that week just like any other game.

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