How to recover lost entries.

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How to recover lost entries.


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What happens if you lose some entries because your computer crashes, or if you need to recover all entries. Below are some steps to help you recover all your entries.

Go to "Remote> Control Panel"
This will bring up a box, there are new options in here.
Click the "Check Status" button in the upper right hand corner.

In the top half of the box you can check if there are any "new" entries to process.

In the lower half (labeled "Retrieved Entry Details:") of the box you can view your overall entry file and from there you can "Download", "E-Mail", or "Delete" that file.

If you "download" the file it will save the entire file from the TT server to your own HDD (hard drive). This will NOT erase the file on the TT server though.
The preferred method is to "download" your file.

After you download and save the file you will be prompted to "Load Entries?", chose "YES".
Next you will be back at new window, in the upper right there is a box labeled "Analyze Header", click on this.
It will prompt you to check your entries against your deadline, decided what to do here.
Now click on the "Start Import" button, this will import your entries back in to your TT program.
This can create duplicates, just process those as you normally would any duplicate entry, but it will add in new/missed entries from that file.

Other options on that screen:
If you "e-mail" the file it will be sent to you via e-mail, and again it is NOT erased on the TT Server.

If you "Delete" the file it will wipe out the file on the TT server, and if you do not have a copy of it any where it will be gone.

Make sure that if you are going to use the "Delete" feature that your first either Download or E-Mail the file.

There is no reason to delete this file as it will Flag old entries as "Downloaded" and not keep downloading them each time. It will only download new entries to you.
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