What is the best way for players to get a copy of their picks?

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What is the best way for players to get a copy of their picks?


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The recommended approach to this is to turn OFF the option that sends the player the email confirmation when they submit their picks. This is only an indication that they "submitted" their entry, however, it does not ensure that their entry will actually make it into the pool. This could be for any number of reasons such as:
  • You don't download the entry into your pool
  • It is a duplicate entry and is skipped on the import
  • Etc.
Instead, after you have loaded all your entries into Turbo Tourney, use the Player Picks report and email a copy of the picks to each player. This will send them a nicely formatted bracket with their picks.
  • Just select the Player Picks report from the Reports menu
  • Select which players you want to send the picks too and click OK.
  • The Report Selection window then is displayed, click on the Mail button.
  • The Player Picks Mailing window is displayed where you can choose to mail all the entries to everyone or to mail players only their picks. Make sure the option for Only Players With Picks is checked and click OK.
[*]You will then have the option of entering a message that you want to appear in the email.

It is also recommend that you use PDF as your mail attachment type. To set this, select the View menu, then Preferences and click on the Mail tab. In the Mail section, make sure that Attach type is PDF.
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