Where is my pick sheet, why can't I click on it??

What is my Add-On web address, I don't see graphics, where is my entry page, etc.
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Where is my pick sheet, why can't I click on it??


Post by FAQ Admin » Mon Jul 21, 2014 3:24 pm

A common question that comes up is "Where is my pick sheet, my users can only find the blank form?". To make things easier you can do a few things before you upload your files to make these stand out.
  1. Go to the "Reports> Report Setup" section. This will bring up a list of all the reports that can be run.
  2. Rename the 1st one on the list "Tournament Pick Sheet", do this on the right side at the top in the "Report Title".
  3. Change the "Report Title" from the default to something like "Blank Pick Sheet".
  4. Now save those settings, and go to the "Remote> Deploy Via Web" section or hit <CTRL-W>.
  5. This will bring up a new box to build your web site, regardless of the style you choose (i.e. simple, basic or advanced) look for the "Entry Options" page, it will be the 3rd screen you come to.
  6. On the "Entry Options Page" there is a title bar at the top labeled "Page Title", this is the what your online entry page will be titled. Make
    this something like "Online Entry Page" or something similar to differentiate it from the blank pick sheet.
  7. Now finish up the "Deploy Via Web" section and upload that file to your web space.
  8. Do a "Build Web Site" from under the "Tools" menu or hit <CTRL-B>. Make sure the "Entry Page" box is checked on the lower left of the build web site box.
  9. Then upload all of those files to your web space.
This should help to make it a little easier to tell the difference between the Blank Entry Sheet and the Online Clickable Entry Form.
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