How many pools can I run with the Internet Add-on Feature?

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How many pools can I run with the Internet Add-on Feature?


Post by FAQ Admin » Mon Jul 21, 2014 3:31 pm

The question of how many pools can I run with the Internet Add-On feature comes up often. This answer is based on one (1) internet add-on package.

You can run one pool for each type of pool that the software you have can run. To explain further this would mean you can run a NCAA Men's pool, and Woman's pool a NIT pool and any other forms of the basketball pools or any other pools that the software supports. The internet add-on will let you do them all at the same time, but you can only do one (1) of any type of pool.

If you have the TTPro version you can also run all of the other pool types like golf, NFL, hockey, etc. on the internet add-on and the same rules
apply, 1 pool for each pool type can be running via the internet add-on.

If you want a 2nd Internet Add-on then you need to log into your account and order just the Internet Add-on again. Then you need to register a 2nd account on, then send an email to stating that you want a 2nd add-on and provide both email addresses
that the accounts are under. Doug will then just move that 2nd internet add-on purchase to the 2nd account.

Note: TTPro Version is the only version that supports other pool types. The standard version of TT will only do 1 men's basketball pool, 1 women's basketball pool, and 1 sweet-16 bracket.
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